You know how they say a picture tells a thousand words? Read it (or see it) and weep. Disaster. That is the best and only way I know how to describe my closet before a much needed TLC. We have been focusing a lot of our efforts on the main floor in our house but when an opportunity to hijack my closet situation with Home Depot arose, I HAD to take it.

We knew we had good bones to work with in this closet but the set up was all wrong. The shelves were too tall, I couldn't find half my shoes and my impromptu storage bin was always packed to brim post laundry loads. So it was time for a big change. We worked alongside a representative rom The Home Depot to customize our closet with the Martha Stewart collection. You've got to love that Martha. We hopped on the website, punched in our specs and voila: recommended designs were populated making it easy to add a shelf, drawer or cubby. We are definitely not your DIY-type so getting to work with a system that was straight-forward and user-friendly was a dream. I think I've taunted you long enough. Here's the big reveal... 

Necklaces: LJC Designs {similar}

Perfume | Jewelry Tray | Candle 

By adding a second row and a bank of drawers, I can actually hold more items in the closet. 

Gucci Soho Bag | Chanel Vintage {similar} | LV Pouch 

I loved how the Martha Stewart configurations have so many shelving options - perfect for sweaters, shoes or accessories. 


We layered my favourite Spoonflower wallpaper as the perfect backdrop 

Pouf | Rug: HomeSense 

A big thank you to the Home Depot team and to my amazing hubby for helping me pull this together! 


  1. It looks amazing! All those shoes! I bet if you added wooden hangers, you could elevate this even further!

    1. I would love wooden hangers! Just trying to justify the cost of hangers vs. more shoes lol! ;)

  2. it looks great! i love shoecases like that!

    xoxo, Preeti

  3. I love how this turned out!!! Your Spoonflower wall paper is really cute!!


  4. I have SERIOUS closet envy. I adore those shoe shelves. Gorgeous.


  5. The before and afters don't even look like the same closet, or wardrobe! Pretty major transformation! It's beautiful! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  6. Now this is what I call organised and a dream closet! You have so many amazing pieces in there, from bags to shoes to clothes.


  7. Very nice setup ! Love it, you gave me good ideas ;) -xxx-


  8. I use shelving for my shoes too- makes a world of a difference! (Plus extends their shape!!)


  9. Girl, your closet looks amazing! Can I just hang out in there? #dreamy

  10. I love a good make over and these pictures are awesome! love how you were able to work with your space and transform your closet into a functional space.!

    Happy Medley Blog

  11. Stunning closet!

  12. I definitely need Home Depot at my apartment ASAP! Your before picture is identical to my closet (I see we even share A LOT of the same clothes!!!). Love these pictures and love your blog and Instagram!!

    xoxo Amanda Miller, The Miller Affect

  13. Your closet is TDF! Definitely in love with the wallpaper and all those colors in your wardrobe!

  14. Amazing transformation, it looks so functional now!!! The only thing that i would do is to change the hangers to one type, preferably black velvet ones...it will look even better!!!

  15. Wooden hangers are beautiful, but I'd go w/the slim, flocked hangers. You can fit more clothes on the rack, everything lays nicely together and you're not adding a lot more weight with wood. Great makeover!

  16. The shoes! I actually agree with everyone saying the slim velvet hangers! They are the best and let you fit in so much more.

  17. This looks amazing! The wallpaper is such a fun touch. And I also love skim flocked hangers (like everyone else commenting). I just tackled our entry hall closet - apparently I have been hoarding extra boxes & bubble wrap in there for quite some time, lol...,
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  18. Your closet looks fantastic! Love the shoe layout :)


  19. I have serious shoe envy....

  20. I have gotten a closet Full of wooden hangars after I found out our local Talbots was closing! I recommend asking a store that's closing for their hangars and anything else! And p.s. It was FUN playing "eye- spy" and pointing out some of my blog Fav's in your new closet!!

  21. AMAZING! Definitely a covetable closet and love seeing some of my blog faves in there:)


  22. Looks awesome! I can't believe you can get a closet like this from HomeDepot! Looks awesome!! Xo

  23. It looks great! I need to get on organizing mine. But I do love my hangers and love that they come on white now..they leave more room for clothes and aren't heavy/bulky like wood hangers. Affordable too! http://www.target.com/p/joy-mangano-huggable-hangers-40-pc-suit-hangers-assorted-colors/-/A-14526909?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=google_pla_df&LNM=14526909&CPNG=Storage+Organization&kpid=14526909&LID=27pgs&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=14526909&kpid=14526909&gclid=Cj0KEQjwgI6pBRDak6aRovWNqLsBEiQA8zZSLg9UVRdA_DEtGzbp21SqJFw29vk9q1KQgyYn22RQokwaAmYd8P8HAQ

  24. Oh wow!! What a swoon worthy closet you have!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

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