Pyjamas: Joe Fresh {old, similar} | Mug: Chapters | Tray: Jonathan Adler | Towel: Homesense | Candle: Voluspa | Lashes: Live Love Lashes

Do you have a product in your beauty regimen that you know isn't quite living up its expectations but out of habit you buy it consistently? I've totally been there but I'm happy to report I've broken that cycle thanks to a new product from Dove. The team recently reached out and asked if I'd be interested in swapping my regular deodorant for the new Dove Dry Spray. I wasn't super reluctant to try it, after all, who hasn't had to deal with white marks on our black blouses, the impossible reach once your blouse is on to apply deodorant or the worst: the fear that your product has run dry RIGHT before you head into a client meeting (yep, many times). So I figured, why not!

After using the product every day for the last two weeks, I felt like I had used the product enough to give a true review on how it's held up. I was immediately surprised at how fast the product dried. You simply shake the can and spray the product directly onto your under arm for 2 seconds. And you're done. No waiving your hands, flapping your arms to see if it's dry or testing it to see if it's going to leave a mark on your blouse. The can is sometimes a bit difficult to spray but I found the more you shook it, the easier the product came out. Ready for the best part? Long days at the office often required a re-application of deodorant if I was bouncing from meetings at 5 to dinner with friends but this product ACTUALLY lasts for a full day. The packaging does say it will last 48 hours but I was too nervous to chance going that long without trying it ;)

Overall, I am definitely pleased with the product and will definitely be purchasing it once this can is finished. The Beauty Finish scent is shown above but there are three others to choose from: Cool Essentials, Revive and Original. For only $5.99 (CAD), this beauty buy is definitely worth the investment.


  1. I've never tried dry spray but this may be something to try! LOVE your PJs

    Happy Medley Blog

  2. dove makes great beauty products such as their pink soap , xoxo i love it

  3. What pretty photos! I'll have to give this a try :)

    xo, Laura

  4. What color/brand is your nail polish? It's very pretty.

    1. Not sure :( It was a numbered shellac at the salon.

  5. I love Dove!!

  6. Aw so lovely

    Check out my new post on my blog about my new Oxfords

  7. I use this and I love it! It's also so great to just throw in a make up bag on a trip and down here in the hot and humid Southeast it holds up beautifully because it doesn't melt in my bag in the car during the summer like solid or gel deodorant does. I picked it up on a whim from Walgreens and fell in love. So glad I'm not the only one!


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