There’s something about summer that seems to just pass you by faster and faster as you get older. What used to seem like an eternity of long weekends, date night, sleepovers and more when you were younger is now a reality of weddings, showers, double-bookings, meetings and more. Even attempting to get the girls together on a weekend – forget picking a restaurant – can seem like an impossible feat.

So when Palm Bay approached me and asked if I’d be interested in hosting a girls night in at my place, you can imagine my immediate response: errrr can we pull this off? You know, it’s funny what the promise of girl talk, carbs, candy, sparkling drinks and more will do to people’s calendars ;)

I hosted 5 ladies that night so keeping things easy was definitely the mantra for the evening. Although not pictured, I set up our harvest table with appy foods like a caprese salad, tabouleh, warm naan bread, dips, focaccia pizza and more. The drink and candy stations were also equipped with scoops, candy bags and napkins so everyone could help themselves.

Although I was fully stocked with board games, a mini mani station, magazines and chick flicks, it wasn’t until we were beginning to yawn we realized we had chatted most of the night away just hanging around the kitchen island, sipping Palm Bay and catching up. It was the perfect evening any girl could ask for!

Special thanks to Always Lou for the decor items!


  1. looks like so much fun!

    xoxo, Preeti

  2. You have the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen!

  3. So cute! This looks like the funnest party!

  4. ¡Ostras! Los anillos esos de caramelos hacía años que no los veía jaja


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