Ask any girl if there’s something she could change about her hair and I guarantee you’ll get an answer from her. My response? Volume. Sure, I have thick hair (and a ton of it) but trying to get a fresh blow-dry to last longer than a few hours? Good luck. So naturally, I was interested when the team at TRESemm√© asked if I’d be interested in trying the new TRESemm√© Beauty-Full Volume reverse system product line specifically formulated to work in reverse. 

The system seemed easy: begin with the Pre-Wash conditioner (about 2-3 pumps worked great) and distributed evenly amongst my hair from root to tip. Let the product sit for about a minute before rinsing thoroughly. The Fiber Polishing Actives works to not only protect your hair during this process but also softens it. Then I followed with a good lathering of the Volume Shampoo, which gently cleanses and removes any excess weight. These two products combined worked wonders not only to soften my hair but also left it feeling bouncing and had a ton of body. Not to mention - my hair smelled fabulous after ;) 

Because I love a little drama, I decided to add a dollop of the Touchable Bounce Mousse to my roots. When looking for extra oompf, I like to blow dry first with my hair upside down and then second against my part. Once dry, I’ll clip my bangs back and blast it with cold air to set the hair.

Afer my hair is dry, I sectioned my hair into 3 parts and used a 1.5” curling iron barrel for voluminous waves. I set the look with a generous spray of Flexible Finish Hairspray (first upside down and then with and against the part) and voila! What I love about this product is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling stringy or requires a quick brush-through after.

I’m writing this post a few days after I created the look with the TRESemm√© Beauty-Full Volume reverse system and am happy to report that my hair not only maintained its volume but continues to feel soft and touchable. I love that you can achieve this look and amount of volume with products available at local drugstores or even, grocery stores across the country. An easy hair-care system that creates delightful drama for your hair? Count me in!

This post was sponsored by TRESemme but my thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. you are so beautiful and your hair equally as beautiful . . . TRESemme is one of my favorite products to use while doing my hair.

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Thanks Rose :) And I couldn't agree more! xx

  2. This is great to hear, I am always looking for ways to pump up my finer-textured hair. I hadn't thought that a pre-wash treatment would actually work (I would think more product would weigh things down or else it would just all wash out) but you just may have inspired me to give it a try!


    1. Yes - you must give it a try and let me know what you think after! xo

  3. great pics


  4. You're so pretty! I love your hair :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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