In continuation with the Nordstrom Early Access Anniversary Sale, I'm sharing some old favourites and wish list items from their beauty selection.  I personally love the Anastasia Eyebrow Kit and have been using this set for years - the brush is the bomb dot com! I'm also completely smitten with the neuLASH brow serum and think this price is a complete steal!

New finds for me is the LORAC palette - have heard amazing things. I'm also searching out new facial products and it seems like everyone has been raving about the Mario Badescu line as of late so this item is definitely on my wish list ;) 

Find more steals below:


  1. Great list!

  2. Lovely post I liked all three beauty tips. Basic skincare is more important than makeup. If you don't have good skin no makeup will give a change.

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  3. This is really good beauty product. I love all of this. I believe everyone must use all of this with Liquid Matte Lipstick to make herself looking gorgeous.

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