You know the kind of stores that you feel just 'get you'? You pop in every few weeks to see new collections, search for favourites on sale or even peruse for your significant other? That's Club Monaco for me. While the overall collection tends to veer on the more modern side, the scalloped hems, purposely places bows and pastel palettes get me every single time. So when the brand asked if I'd be interested in not only previewing their first-ever show at NYFW, but getting to wear items from the new collection, I jumped at the chance. 

A mini farmer's market set within Grand Central Station, it was the quintessential setting. Amidst models decked out in stunning duds, there was a coffee shop, newspaper stand, florist, preserve shop and more for the taking. Once you got your carb and caffeine fix, perusing the clothing collection was next and did not disappoint. Spotted some faves while perusing the #cmnyfw hashtag? You're in luck. For a limited time, the Bloor St. location in Toronto (and select NYC stores) will be featuring the Fashion Week Collection until September 16th. You'll also be able to score this vintage tote bag styled above branded with the CM logo we all know and love! 

If you pop in to see the collection, you'll have to let me know what your favourite items are :) 


  1. That top is so cute!! Such a great way to transition into fall.

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. Fantastic pants and such an edgy pair of sunnies, you're looking stunning and SO stylish!!


  3. As always so chic :)


  4. Love this color palette! The look is wonderful! Classy on the go! =)

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  5. such a lovely look


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