Aside from a hair tutorial (it’s coming, I swear!), one of the most frequent questions I get from readers is all about time management. How do you juggle a 40-hour work week, commitments to the blog, family time, errands and a free night to catch up on some reality TV? I’d be lying if I said it was easy at times, but there are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

More so than ever before, I’ve been focused on purchasing products, utilizing services and choosing amenities that will contribute to streamlining my day-to-day life so I can squeeze out some more time for myself. Many of you have probably noticed how often I work with American Express. I’ll be honest, I was a proud carrier of another credit card brand for years and yet after an honest trial period I tested myself (no strings attached), I was so impressed with the level of dedication, service and usability that we shifted the way we had been using a payment service for years.

The best way I could describe our American Express experience? Old meets new. I genuinely feel like I get a seemingly old world customer service experience wrapped up in modern technology. The reliability of its services allows me to worry less and focus on everyday activities – like scouting our next blog shoot location.

When life feels like you shift from one unpacked suitcase to another, having an app I can access on the go – in any time zone – is insanely helpful. We have a family budget tracker we update on a monthly basis and keeping on top of our balance and available points with the Amex App makes managing personal and business expenses a breeze. 

A personal favourite of mine are Amex’s email Fraud Alerts. Since we only get to comb through our business expenses once a month, it’s reassuring to know we can shop confidently knowing Amex has our back on the go.

Another perk we love is the email Access Alerts. Since we’re constantly on the go, we’re set to receive alerts for some of the best upcoming concerts & events across major cities in Canada in the event that we’ll be in town to attend. We scored tickets to a fab J. Crew sip and shop event this summer, something I wouldn’t have had on my radar if it wasn’t for my Amex. Vacations themselves are a blast but getting to take part in an unforgettable experience makes the memories even better!

I’m definitely aware this is a small stepping-stone in making larger changes to my personal schedule but when you’ve got a company of only two employees, it can sometimes feel like you need to move mountains to make a change. Thankfully Amex is helping me make that change! Check out how Amex can streamline your life.

Thank you to American Express for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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