Happy Friday Gals! Rounding up some of my personal favourite beauty brands and products found in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on the blog today. With only a week left, be sure to top up on all your beauty must-haves while the sale still lasts! 

OUAI Wave Spray: I recently bought the Rose Body Oil rom this brand and obsessed is an understatement. I recently tried the Wave Spray on my beach waves and loved the scent but the way it texturized my hair!

Diptyque Candle Set: As if this brand needs an introduction! I do love saving my jars for fun odds and ends like matchsticks, Q-tips or a catch-all on a bedside table. 

Tory Burch Perfume: This light and airy perfume is a great scent to wrap up the rest of summer! 

Beachwaver Curling Iron: While I haven't used this specific product myself, I am a huge fan of a good beach wave and this will do the trick. Not to mention - it does all the hard work for you! 

Mario Badusco Icons Set: Give me anything with Rosewater and I'm a happy girl! The Facial Spray in this set is a game changer and the travel size is perfect for you gals on the go! 

Sugar Lips Lip Balm: I've been carrying this balm for years and still consider it one of my favs to this day. You're likely to find one in every bag I own. The rose scent (noticing a theme here!?!) and tinted colour make it a perfect companion for a quick touch up. 

Charlotte Tillbury Bronze and Blush Glow Set: I mean, can the woman do any wrong? I've yet to met a Charlotte Tillbury product I haven't loved and this set is no exception. I love that both products are buildable and work great on more fair skin tones or at your darkest in summer. 

Charlotte Tillbury Hot Lips Set: The kind of lipstick set you'll find in my work tote: nudish-pink for the day and a brighter pop of colour for night. I love love love CT's lipstick collection and this new line is just amazing (try Electric Poppy!) 

Round Sense Mirror: These mirrors are definitely a love/hate product in the bathroom but they're a girl's BFF when it comes to liquid liner application! 

Bobbi Brown Lip Set: Sure the colour of this set is amazing but if you haven't tried the Art Stick by Bobbi Brown, you're missing out. Goes on like lip gloss, dries like a matte lipstick - it's a game changer when it comes to lip colour! 

Voluspa Candles: I love scooping up these candle sets and saving them as hostess gift ideas. They're also fun additions to powder rooms when you throw dinner parties!

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