Just when I promised myself I'd embark on a shopping hiatus, Shopbop had to go and kick off a spring shopping event - WORST. This always happens to me but with a sale this good, I might just have to go back on my promise. A-N-Y order under $500 is eligible for 20% off and any order over $500 can earn 25% the total purchase with code, EVENT18

Some of my age-old favourites are on sale like these Karen Walker sunglasses, Clare V. clutch, lace tee or my favourite Levi's Jeans - but I've also included some items above that I'm adoring. As a happy medium, I've listed a number of items under $100 and even some finds like this adorable clutch for only $35! Anything you've got your eye on? Would love to know! 

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  1. Shopbop seriously always has the best sales!



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