Last week, I had the chance to share some of my first finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access preview. Now that the sale has been opened to the public, more sizes, different offerings and more have hit the website. I thought for today's curated list, I'd pick my favourite finds - all under $100. From shoes to beauty finds and designer picks, I was pleasantly surprised at all the finds. 

Truth be told, I haven't quite carved out my 'look' for the fall season so for now I'm going off instinct and investing in great basics like this red belted skirt (love the idea of this paired with leopard pumps and a white blouse) or a classic trench coat. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I share and style what I got from my local Nordstrom and how I re-worked my items into 2 looks! 

Here's a recap of my top picks below:

Cole Haan Flats: A brand I normally skip over, but a girlfriend raved about her Cole Haan flats recently and I must admit, I snagged these leopard print flats during the sale and the padding on the sole is actually life changing. 

NARS Lip Set: I received these lip glosses in bold colours earlier in the year (think bright reds and pinks). The color stayed and the product was so amazing I invested in some nude-pink shades and still love using them!

Diptyque Set: As much as I love these for myself, I also love buying these sets and breaking them up into smaller gifts for girlfriends or even hostess gifts when we visit friends' house for supper. 

Tory Burch Zip Wallet: A long time fan of the 'Mom' wallet, I recently changed over to a smaller zip coin holder and I haven't bothered to switch back. Thanks to the micro bag trend, I've become quite the minimalist when it comes to daily necessities and I'm loving it! 

Nike Trainers: Ok I'm not going to kid myself here, these are definitely for fashion purposes and not for hitting the gym, but it's a step in the right direction .... right?!?! 


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