Let's get something straight, I'm by no means looking forward to adding layers to my wardrobe. I could happily live in the sunshine state 24/7 without ever needing to wear socks, gloves, scarves and more to deal with the weather but, seasons are a reality. While we may be at peak season for summer, I can't help but notice the pre-fall collections starting to hit my favourite stores and adding items to cart as I start to build out looks I'm loving for the new season. This citrine suede blazer is so fun and will pair great with the it print of the season: leopard. 

My makeup routine doesn't change much between seasons but I do love switching up my daily perfume and this scent sounds perfect for fall. I love big chunky jewelry in the spring/summer season but I tend to opt for more low-key pieces in fall/winter when arms are being pushed through layers of shirts, sweaters, coats and gloves so sleek, minimalist jewelry is a fav. 


  1. I love the IDEA of a barrette, but I can't figure out how to wear mine without looking like a child...any ideas?

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. I have been wearing one with an extreme side part or rocking a top knot and adding a few to the side :)


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